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Lifesaver Education Courses respects your right to privacy.  When you visit this site you may provide information on two different levels about your visit:

  • Annonymous statistics collected as you browse the site, and

  • Personal information you knowingly give us. 

We want you to be aware of what information we collect, and how we handle this information.


What information does the Web site gather?

Please rest assured that we do not collect personal information from you unless you provide it to us. This means that you can visit our web site without telling us who you are or revealing any information about yourself (such as your e-mail address, software you are using, or any information about yourself).  As you browse the site, our web servers collect information about your visit, not about you personally. Via web server logs, we monitor statistics such as:

  • How many people visit our site

  • Which pages people visit on our site

  • From which domains our visitors come (e.g.,

  • Which browsers people use to visit our site (e.g. Internet Explorer)


None of this information is associated with you as an individual. We use these statistics to improve our Web site, to monitor its performance, and to make the Web site easier for you and other visitors to use.

What about pages that ask for personal information?

When visitors supply information about themselves for a specific purpose, we use the information for that purpose (such as to register the student or provide the information the visitor has requested).


For example, you may be asked to give us individual information to register for a course or receive more information. The information may range from your name, zip code, to your phone number, e-mail address or mailing address.

Do you sell, share or give my information to other companies?

Absolutely not.  We do not sell, share or disclose individually-identifiable information obtained online about our visitors to anyone outside of Lifesaver Education Courses unless you specifically authorize it, it is required by law, or disclosure is necessary to protect the safety of customers, employees or property.


Does this site send e-mail to site visitors?

We may use e-mail to communicate with our customers, to respond to visitors' e-mail, to confirm registrations made online, and to send information that a visitor has requested.  If you receive an unwanted e-mail from us, you can use the Reply feature on your browser and simply ask us to remove you from our list.

Do you accommodate links to other sites?

This Web site contains links to other Web sites. We are not responsible for the content or the privacy practices employed by other sites.  We are committed to safeguarding customer privacy on all our Web sites. We require our employees to protect the privacy of information about our customers and expect our partners and suppliers to do so as well. You can feel confident that your individually identifiable information will be protected when you access your account, register for courses or order services from us over the Internet.

Who do I contact if I am concerned about online privacy?

All concerns or questions about your privacy related to online advertising should be sent to Lifesaver Education Courses in care of our Webmaster.

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