Lifesaver Education Courses is pleased to announce we are now an ASHI Training Center.  We offer online Basic First Aid, CPR, AED, Pediatric and Babysitting Safety courses.  You must personally attend a skills training sessio
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P.O. Box 9272   |   Amarillo, Texas 79105   |   (800) 311-5805
A Division of
The Perkins Group
Public Courses
First Aid, CPR and preparedness courses
Have the urge to volunteer?  Looking for a rewarding career?  Our EMS Education Program offers onsite and online initial and refresher courses taught according to the National EMS Education Standards that exceed all Texas Department of State Health Services requirements.
Continuing Education Courses
Courses for healthcare professionals
EMS Education Courses
Onsite and online initial and refresher EMS courses
EMS Education Program
We offer cost efficient first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and preparedness courses designed to train the lay public to provide care until emergency medical responders arrive.
Public Education Program
We offer a wide variety of continuing education courses designed to help prehospital and hospital healthcare providers stay updated and continuously assess and improve their skills. 
CE Program
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Online EMR Course
Become a First Responder.  You can enroll and begin this online course anytime.
Online EMT Course
Become an EMT.  You can enroll and begin this online course anytime.