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Have the urge to volunteer?  Maybe your looking for a rewarding career?  The Lifesaver Education Courses EMS eCADEMY can start you on the path to an exciting career in the rapidly growing field of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).  Our EMS eCADEMY offers a self-paced distance learning course with extensive hands-on training.  Our goal is to offer the most cost efficient course possible to the maximum number of qualified students.

What is an EMR?
Emergency Medical Responders treat and transport the sick and injured to medical facilities. ECA's may open airways, restore breathing, administer breathing treatments, control bleeding, treat for shock, administer oxygen, immobilize fractures, bandage wounds, assist in childbirth, manage emotionally disturbed patients, treat and assist heart attack victims, give initial care to poison and burn victims, perform CPR and use AED's on patients in cardiac arrest.

Efficient, Quality Training
Our EMS courses are taught according to the U.S. Department of Transportation National EMS Education Standard and exceed all minimum Texas Department of State Health Services requirements.  Students will attend three breakout sessions at an approved facility for skills practice and testing.  All students will take the National Registry of EMT's certification examination.
This course is offered through the Lifesaver Education Courses EMS eCADEMY.  This is an online self-paced, distance learning course with required breakout sessions.
This course will provide the student with the knowledge and skills to provide emergency medical care in a compassionate, professional and skilled manner.
Upon successful completion of this course the participant will:
  • receive a course completion certificate from Lifesaver Education Courses
  • be eligible to submit an application to the Texas Department of State Health Services and the National Registry of EMT's  for certification
  • be eligible to take the NREMT certification examination.
You must apply to and be accepted to participate in this course.
You must possess a current completion card for one of the following CPR courses:*
  • CPR PRO - American Health & Safety Institute (ASHI)
  • CPR for Healthcare Providers - American Heart Association (AHA)
  • CPR for the Professional Rescuer - American Red Cross (ARC)
  • Professional Rescuer CPR - National Safety Council (NSC)

*CPR completion is available through a separate course offered by Lifesaver Education Courses.
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Initial Emergency Medical Responder

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You must attend three breakout sessions at an approved site.

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48 hours

This course is an online self learning module; however, you must complete all course requirements within 180 days, beginning on the day your're enrolled in the course.

Download and read the Course Information Packet.  Then, if you want to apply for admission, click the button below.
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EMSE01:  Emergency Medical Responder - EMR
Online eCADEMY Course
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